There are many many ways your brain expands due to reading habit. Its sharpens your key knowledge and prevents from mental health decline.
But what is the source from which one you are reading matters a lot to get advantage of this habit.

Reading on an electronic device ' late at night doesn't let you to have a restful sound sleep.

A recent study on current pattern of online readers developed a bit faster which made Harvard university a research to compare the Classic book readers to light emiting e-readers right before they go to bed and published their findings in the column of the National Academy of the sciences.

Hazards of reading on light emiting device:

The on-line readers read on light emitted directly shining directly into the eyes of the readers, whereas these demerit is not in case of original Kindle because the readers is only exposed to reflected light from pages of the book or case of a printed book it becomes merit case.
According to lead researcher Charles Czeisler, told the BBC that sleep deficiency has been shown to increase the risk of 

A) Cardiovascular disease.
B) Metabolic diaeases like obesity and diabetes.
C) Cancer.
{**Readers I am not scaring you all but I am spreading awareness only**}
Thus 'melatonin' suppression that we saw in this study among participants when they were reading from light-emitting e-readers concern us.

Researcher's locked 12 people into sleep laboratory for two weeks to study their sleeping patterns with each type of bedtime reading approach. After they spent five days reading from a paperback book then they switched them for next five days to reading from iPad.
Each participants blood samples were taken after five day gap and revealed that sleep hormone melatonin was reduced after participants read e- book. It took them longer to fall asleep and they were found t9 be more tired than the next morning. But to Kindle readers that doesn't emit light are safe and like reading printed book readers.

It make sense if we look into the brain for answers.

Melatonin is produced in the center of the brain, accumulates throughout the day. When the light shuts off, optic nerve sends signals back into the hypothalamus and melatonin is signaled to flood the brain to cue its for bed.
The Hypothalamus brain part maintains 
  • Hunger 
  • Sleep
  • Temperature
  • Wakefulness
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Energy level cycles
  • Hydration
And blood pressure regulation which is said according to the Endocrine Awareness center for Health.

Some more to go its hazards: 

A) Blue light, the wavelength is common in smartphones, tablets and LED lighting, is able to disrupt the *body clock*.  Blue light in the evening can slow and prevent production of sleep hormone melatonin.

B) Gazing for long time leads to Strainful and might affect eye sight.

C) Impacts your stress level negatively. Repeated use of moblie , laptops has been linked to depression, stress, fatigue among adults.

D) Memory loss, focus get reduced and lastly impulsive behaviour in kids.

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