Why Reading Habit is Significant

Why Reading books so much important in life?
Just moment take a minute to ponder about that you are a very successful person and you wanna write your autobiography, which should be read by my family members and my friends at least, then you are driven to write it perfectly and you will be bound to  think deeply to do this work.
Because eachone of us wanna 'FAME' at least before going to last bed, now what you are going to ink it on white sheet is definitely gonna be absolutely pure, distilled experience of yours.

A very good book, whether it is a fiction, or biogaraphy, it contains what?
It have following things inside it..
A. Brilliant ideas.
B. Experience.
C. Mindset.
D. Exposure.

These upper qualities accompanied book can be read at anytime and anywhere too.

Every successful man has his 'Time' very significant and valuable, means like million dollar asset. Any successful man doesn't have time for you and he will not sit beside you, listen you patiently, understand you and atmost he advise you appropriately according to your problems. 
That's why, if you wanna a practical knowledge or you need a very practical way then what you from where will you get those things from ..

a) From reading decent books.
b) From seasoned man's experience. 
c) From scholar people around you.

Benefits of Reading books:

There are various benefits of reading habit, I will discuss only one as there are books available on net. Nowadays knowledge is changing very rapidly, so everything is shifting towards digital and online reading habit in platform like Amazon's Kindle, FB, journals etc., where we believe it is very easily understood by us but actually it's not so.
To this very note even today Mr.Warren Buffet reads 500 pages each day about investment , Bill Gates sir himself read 300 pages each about each topic apart from his business. I know you have many excuses already heaped up, but it different if you scroll above what the topic I touched is... 

Anyways .. now next question is how this habit of reading books should be adopted?

What I do, each day I get ready early and the very first thing I start my day is atleast read minimum 30 pages. It takes hardly 40-45 minutes, what will actually this lead to. After reading 30 pages each day in 10 days a book will get completed and at the end of month, you end up with 3 books and in 
a year 36 books will be completed.

A very brilliant benefit of reading habit in morning is you make a routine very easily. After three month of this developed habit to your neuralpath way , then you can shift this habit to nights.

A. You start with a very easy book which you can comprehend with it difficulty level and choose it and just 'START' it.

B. Avoid ebooks, read paper black books... Why you silently uttered? Yes I do have reason you wanna a reading habit in the beginning, reading printed books will develop your reading habit and improvements will observed early. Secondly when you lift a printed book you feel it's weight and feel the texture and quality of papers used in the books. What will this do you brain's Prefrontal cortex will become active and agile, and your most vital is your short term memory is enhanced.
Thirdly reading printed journals you will retain things and content read for long duration.

So what you are gazing at please take out your book from the book shelf or go to library if you feel boring ,because you get vibes from the environment you sit.

Thanks reading so patiently.
It takes much effort to assemble the content.so please share the content links to your dear ones ..

Shashi Bahadur


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