Have you seen any husband wife communicating at home or outside.
Which case you belongs to as shown below.

this one 

In business meetings or any business deals what happens with you...

this happens 

Communication is the most important part in any phase of life, in any business deals, in any relationship in your life or overall it's most vital in everything you do in your life. 
Inability to communicate could lead you to end up wrong results very often. 
So why it is so much significant to master it without disturbing our life and without making a messed up situation in our life. 

Long time a ago I used to be incompetent in my this section. I used to feel shy, hesitant or even run out the scenario of such odds in my life. Then I seen lagging myself in my life in many areas. No matters it's a friend circle, in my career, in my family relationship or even in financial and spiritual section of my life.

As the time passed I deeply realized it's importance and I became committed to strengthen this part of my folly. I started reading lot many books on communication. I read blogs, videos and finally I even started meeting mentors. Then I was guided by these mentors that this is the most vital thing which each individual have to be focused but many a few of us pay attention to it.

Then I started meeting people with application part involved in the meetings. The outcome not only was astonishing rather this made me more and more confident in this part. It slowly and steadily improved my family relationship to healthy, my career to be in full swing and lastly best is yet to arrive.

How is this communication to be improved by by day?

Yes you may be asking this question inside your head but wait , I am sharing with you some more secrets ahead.

 According to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), of which I am trainer, the communication which we understand to be very important is our words.
But for the real knowledge I want you to be very prominent in it.

It's  just 7% ( seVen perCent) only role played by  words in communication.  
38% role is played by your Tonality of Voice you spoke out.
And lastly 58% is played by your Body Language.

What are the words which you must use in your life to enjoy each phases of your life?

Here are some common words which I am sharing with you ❤️ to govern your life in coming days of your life. 

There are many many things which are to be discussed in this topic called communication. 
In next blog I will share with you more details. 
Thanks for your patient reading.

Take care and keep improving in rest of your life waiting for.

*A Change Maker*


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