Resourceful Quality ; Leadership


What is leadership? 

Leadership can be break up into two parts one is 'lead' means who gives instructions to team and other is ship is an initiative to take any responsibility . So friends there is always a hope in each and everyone in life to lead their life like a leader and hence which leads to ultimately to quality I am talking about today Leadership.

A leader always have a vision in life. This quality of leader's vision transforms into a managerial virtue of managing people.

There are two vital Qualities of a Leadership:

1. High Energy level: This may too simple to be true, but all profound principles in life are simple are not they ? to create and fulfill a vision you meed energy: to communicate, to listen, to respond, to think positive  and to work hard also you need energy. So energy is the first and the foremost driving thurst that is required to be a leader. Because without energy we cannot do anything. Ordinary people are not conscious of maintaining their energy while leaders consciously maintain their high energy.

Let me Share you an example:
" Infosys is a place where there is tremendous energy and enthusiasm because of the leadership"........... Narayan Murthy said.

There are many people who have similar or maybe even greater dreams than Narayan Murthy,  yet then, why they are not able to succeed? 
The reason is simple; 
They lack energy to learn
They lack energy to inspire 
They lack energy to act  
They lack energy to contribute 
They lack energy to innovate

They lack energy to do whatever it takes to convert a dreams into reality.

{....In my next blog I will give you Techniques to generate High Energy}

2. Higher the leader, the Higher the Expectations:
"Be the change you want to see in the world"
    ---------------------------------------------------..Mahatma Gandhi said.

Now this virtue makes you an Extraordinary Personality. This is the driving force that gives leaders access to unlimited energy to work on their goals and achieve them. There are two things in life (A) Desire  and (B) expectations. Which do you think is stronger desires or expectations ?
Lets talk about your salary. Do you get your salary every month what is it is delayed for next one month or next two months or next three months ... An ordinary person will start hunting for new job is it not ?? Now here is the most important question : Is your salary is just a desire or a basic expectation?

I am sure your salary is not just a desire , it is an expectation for you, would you ever give up on your salary?
So you see, your salary is your expectation and you will never give up on it. This shows us something really amazing about human behaviour and this is: People may or may not give up their desires, but they never give up on their expectations!.....

High expectations will leads to high energy .
Use must not should for giving best results. 
Like there is list..

I know I should eat healthy food.
I know I should not overeat.
I know I should upgrade my knowledge and skills.
I know I should improve my communication should find a better job.
I know I should be more committed at work home.
I know I should not shout at people should develop patience. 
I know I should read more or attend more workshops to grow.
Think about it, when something is must for you, it is a matter of life and death for you, then what will happen to your energy level. 
This replacement of 'should' with 'must'

I must eat healthy food.
I must  eat less.
I  must upgrade my knowledge and skills.
must improve my communication should find a better job.
must be more committed at work home.
must not shout at people should develop patience. 
must read more books or attend more workshops to grow my personality.
I must have a good relationship.
I must improve my communication.
I must learn to be assertive with people.

When things become 'musts' for human beings , it gives them unlimited energy to achieve what they want..

     High expectations ===>  High Pressure===> High Results

Other Qualities also for Leadership are:

A. Taking 100% responsibility.
B. Be a committed in what you utter.
C. Apologize for your mistakes without making excuses.
D. Be Honest not liar.

  So friends you should be happy and full of joy in life. 
 So I pray for all of you to be in resourceful state i.e. Leadership in order to get progress in your life. 

Thanks for Patience Reading,
Do leave your wonderful comments.

God Bless You  !!!!!!!


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