Resoureful State (Part-4)


Hello Friends,
As I begin with today's topic which I decided to share with  you the another resourceful state called Concentration.
 Yeah frankly speaking, if I ask you to close your eyes for a minute or two and flash back your life and 'review' the movie of your life,
you will observe that whatever is the Quality of Life you are having today whether it is a wonderful or it might be life with miseries is the Quality of Concentration you have !!!.

Yes it's true!!! 

Now I relate my topic with you, if I would ask you to see the above image very carefully.
What have you observed in it?
 Some people will say it's a railway track man, while some would say what's the point of asking this question about this image? 

But seriously remain with me, I will reveal many many things about your quality of your life with this image that how a life of an individual changes drastically when it comes to the level of concentration have in anyone's Life....!!!

You can now easily connect, how a life will move straight towards Grand Success or End up to mere a  Big Failure .

Means whenever we are missing this resourceful state (concentration),
 and will end up to an unresourceful state  (failure, discomfort, guilt) in our Life, 
just like 'the two railway track'....
 predicts in the picture if one relate straight trajectory of track heading 
towards SUCCESS and
 a shift from main track leading to set back  called Failure. 

Hence, Concentation means Success, because you are better able to govern yourself and centralize your mind; you become more in earnest in what you do and this almost invariably improves your chances for Success. 

What do you think who concentrates? Any successful person always have focus on his work until its got finished. here I share with you a formula of success of great actor Arnold schwarzenegger to implement his formula of success you need to know how to concentrate. 
Read last box what its written in it  "give something back " what is this something , your mind get confused when it gets such vague commands. You need to be specific in life, what you want from it. You always have all the resources within you but you haven't given a particular goal to your life.

One more example will make more clear ...
Once a spiritual teacher asks his two pupils to see whats there in flower pot just near to window, First one came with answer that there is thorns with flower  but other one said its full of beautiful roses.
Notice !!! What's the difference between their Power of Concentration.
And in Life same is happening with each one of us, you get what is your focus !!!!
Choose today what is your choices thorn or Roses !!!

How to Develop your Power of Concentration:

1.Concentration of the mind can only be developed by watching yourself closely.
By observing yourself closely , you are now going to increase keeping eye on your activities and habit too. If you have ever associated with big men, or read their biographies, you will find that they usually let the others do the talking. It is much easier to talk than it is to listen. There is no better Exercise for concentration than to pay close attention when someone is talking. Besides learning from what they have to say, you may develop both mental and physical concentration. 

2. Training of the WILL To Do means the greatest power in the world that is concerted with human accomplishment and no one can in advance can determine its limits. Simple this one has to remember is that "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE "attitude, do what you decided to do only for today. Steadily you will observe that your ability to focus getting improved now.

3. Develop a Sense of Interest in what you do. 
In simple words Is that true that for watching your favorite TV programme you have to concentrate?
For going to play indoor or outdoor game  you have to really focus hard .. I am sure the answer will be 'No' but the truth behind this was you have a feeling of interest to the above said examples in your mind. Before doing anything worth for you send a message to your mind that I like this!! 

Ha Ha hens are really focused about how they gonna roasted later..

4. Have a Goal in your life. 
Follow this simple rule given below, till the end you get result. Don't change your task rather change the strategy to reach it sooner or later doesn't really matters but what matters is your consistency to achieve that Goal.

Concentration benefits in Life:

  1. Concentration enhances your Power of taking Decisions. Slowness in Making Decisions, this is a weakness of will power. You know you should do something, but you delay doing it through lack of decision. It is easier not to do a certain thing than to do it, but conscience says to do it. The vast majority of persons are failures because of the lack of deciding to do a thing when it should be done. Those are successful are fast to grasp opportunities by making a quick decision. The concentrated mind always gets ahead of catching that chances in life.
  2. The Concentrated Mental Demand is the potent force in achievement. The attitude of the mind affects the expression of the face, determines action, changes our physical condition and regulates our lives.It seems an unreal power because it is intangible but it is the mightiest power in the world.
  3. The development of habit of perseverance starts just because of power to focus have built in you which have prevailed due to your tough mental attitude.
  4. Concentration gives Mental Poise. You will find the concentrated man well poised whereas the opposite allows his mind to wander is easily upset. When you are able to concentrate you have a peace of mind.
  5. Concentration can overcome Bad Worry Habits.
  6. Business results through concentration. A successful business is not usually the result of chance.You must concentrate on the details of getting in the idea of your business.  

Take a wonderful Gift from my side by doing an Exercise for Saving Energy and Appearance:  
Concentration Will Save Energy and Appearance. Watch yourself and see if you are not in the habit of moving your hands, thumping sometimes with your fingers or twirling your mustache. Some have the habit of keeping their feet going, as tapping the on the floor.
Practice standing before a mirror and see if you area in the habit of frowning or causing wrinkles to appear in the forehead Watch others and see how they needlessly twist their faces in talking. 

Any movement of the faces that causes the skin to wrinkle will eventually causes the skin to wrinkle. Do apply and send the result you met in your life.

Lastly ...

       So friends you should be alive , happy and full of joy in life. 
 So I pray for all of you to be in resourceful state i.e. Concentration in order to get progress in your life. 

Thanks for Reading patiently,
Do leave your comments below....

God Bless You  !!!!

Shashi Bahadur


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