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Courage is the title of my first blog because courage  resembles with the braveness, confidence,positive attitude and opportunity in your own self , how you perceive the world in your day to day life.

When it comes to the word 'courage' it  implies courage which means overcoming fear in you by

  • shouting as loud as you can.
  • by taking an action which is not expected by the person just in front of you.

When you take first fearless action, like from today onwards
I won't talk to this person or from now I will not follow this bad habit of me etc.....,
you have noticed that a new breath starts coming when you decide.

Remember one thing in life "Deciding to not decide is the ultimate wrong action one takes in life, which makes his or her life worst "

Courage is something which is hidden deep within you but
as you once overcome your fear, fear vanishes and courage dominates your heart. And the moment you decide it alters your perception towards life.

In my next blogs I will be sharing with you some more interesting topics of day to day life and make your life more pleasurable rather than pain.

There is one quote ...

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