Resourceful State (part-2)


  As I was talking about resourceful states in my previous blog, I am here with you with its part two.
What does this word 'Playfulness' actually means according to you, yes 'You Dear', who is taking time from your valuable time to read this blog. Look I will connect you with this wonderful topic within a few seconds if you get in flow automatically to read my blog you will reach in a state called playfulness zone because you start enjoying reading without any effort.

  So resourceful states as I explained in my last blog, is our way of being in any moment and enjoy it and move further in life. It is a sum-total of our thoughts, emotions and physical energy, so here comes another resourceful state known as playfulness.

Why do we need this zone of playful-zone in our day to day life? 
What are its use in our life?
Okay I will explain you, so here comes a term,  benefits of Playfulness in our life....

Benefits of Playfulness:

  1. Playfulness is Healthy:        Playfulness is a very resourceful state so it helps children or adults to grow and counteract obesity issues faced by many by our society. Because when you are in low or rather zero level of stress in daily life, then harmony is going to fix all your problems and hence your body will be producing wellness chemical in side our body called endorphins.        
  2. Develops a more Positive Self Concept:  Children learn through play. They learn and develop cognitive skills, physical abilities, new vocabulary, social skills and literacy. Especially to children have following improvements in them are        

  • Assume greater self-directing.
  • Become more self responsible.
  • Become more self-accepting.
  • Engage in self determined decision making.
  • Experience a feeling of control.
  • Become sensitive to the process of coping or imitating.
  • Become more trusting to self.
 3. Playfulness reduces Stress:
     Play as we all know is itself an activity which includes joyfulness and provides an outlet           for anxiety and stress. It recharges our body as our mind perceives work done by us in             this playful zone creates an impact to our mind is relaxing.

   4. Playfulness is enhances problem solving attitude: Play can be simple and complex but it actually considered as play only. There are many types of play like symbolic, socio-dramatic, functional and games with rules - to name just a few. In this playfulness zone in life whenever you gonna face problem you will focus on it's solution part. Hence creativity accompanies you rather adopting a problem seeker attitude, you go for it's solution aspect.

     5. Encourages Communication:As a person in resourceful state will always be releasing unacceptable impulses and feelings. Playful state means no fear in individual which ultimately leads to full confident communication.
A good and wonderful communication leads to good actions which finally leads to                     powerful results and which  finally leads to a successful life.


    6. Play and Learning go Hand in Hand: They both are separate activities. according to a research by a group of scientists US in 1952 "if any one in his or her life take his/her problems as an act of experimenting with  various solutions in a safe setting leads to a    

 problem not as a big deal but it looks like simple puzzle to solved."


  We are not rare or unique that life would not throw crisis or challenges to us. It will. 
  • We may appear as a behaviour issue instead of a grieving individual.
  • Children are individuals just like adults, but not smaller adults.

   In any crisis or in any challenges it all depends upon you to be in a state whether act like
Behave in Anger or Be in full of Attitude,
Be a Confused person or rather Be a Concentrated person,
Be a Depressed or a Delightful person...
Be a Victim or Be a Victor... in Life...

    It all depends upon you how You  Respond... in any situations of Life.

       So friends you should be happy and full of joy in life. 
 So I pray for all of you to be in resourceful state i.e. Playfulness in order to get progress in your life.

Thanks for Reading,
Do leave your comments for improvements in my blogging.

God Bless You  !!!!


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