Resourceful State (Part - One)


    The resourceful states are those states where a person enjoys it and moves forward in life. 
So is the unresourceful states in which one get stuck in that state it, decays in it and ruines his or her life by regretting or by cursing about it to make his or her life a 'hell'.

Where do you look to find Happiness?
  • Riches? It will take more than money.
  • Recognition? Fame is fleeting!
  • Relationships? Even those who love you will sometimes let you down.
  • Recreational drugs? They create habits that spell nothing but trouble! 

    A very famous philosopher and philanthrophist named Khalil Gibran said " In life or in love , we either decaying or we are growing".    
Actually what he had said that in life whenever we are not growing it means  we are decaying.In life you can never achieve the two states simultaneously.

There are Six ways by which you can make yourself in resourceful state which I am talking about is Happiness:

1. Attitude:
       Attitudes are more important than facts, what do we need to do is replace our negatives attitudes with positive ones! 
         Be happy attitudes 
       How often have you thought : 
       If only I had that car ... then I'd be satisfied.
       If only I could find someone truly to love me... then I'd be happy 
       If only I wasn't under so much financial stress... then I'd be contented
       If only .... list continues on and on.. 
       all the " If only's " in the world --- even if they all come true still you cannot 
       gaurantee your happiness .

              Attitudes will transform your life --- any life --- into a happier , fuller life.

2. Always Bless Others:  
       Blessings always brings happiness, smile to your face as well as to faces of others too.
       You don't have accept  my belief blindly rather I suggest you, go for its application part, do take action then believe me. Blessings is well said below in Holy Bible as....

      "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with               blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing."

     Blessed are those whose dreams are shaped by their hopes .... .....not by their hurts!

3. Stop Judging Others:
     In life we all have a very bad habit of  judging others as soon as one known or a strangers starts talking with you. As this pops up a question to your mind that 'why he is talking to me so politely or so rudely. Remember one thing in life if you are going to judge everybody throughout your life then when will you feel joy, pleasure, gladness or blissful in your life. 
4. Start Loving All :
      If you have feeling a love ,compassion and kindness filled in your heart then definitely you feel a new sigh of  happiness coming inside you. Without feelings of kindness and live ,mighty are ruthless without kindness emotionally stable are emotionally cold and hard.

      Who are  the kind people ? They are the sensitive spirits. Happy indeed is the heart which is  sensitive to another's insecurity.
       When one starts loving all he actually starts forgiving all his enemies and offers reassurance to  another's hostility and friendship to another's hurt and apologies to all.
5. Have a Hopeful Bright future: 
   Have you ever wondered?
  How is it that some people sit in the sun looking like sour apples --- and the others whistle    in the rain? 
  How is it that there are people who, as soon as they open their eyes, see something wrong? ---and others discover spontaneous joy in little  things.

You too can choose to be  Happy and whistle in the rain. You too can discover the joy of living   of being alive. 

If you have a wonderful and multiplying future then you will never be depressed  rather always be full of hope, which leads to ways to Happiness.

6. Be Contented in Life:
   There are people in your life who never feel contented by no matter how much one serve him diligently but he never feel like happy. So don't expect any one to be perfect or idol. 
     No one in this whole world is complete except Almighty God. Therefore be satisfied with you and your near and dear ones.

       So friends one should be happy and full of joy in life because if you have a small stone inside your shoe how can you be creative and full filling your and your loved ones dreams. 

 So I pray to all of you to be in resourceful state in order to get progress in your life.

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