Mask-ne evolving now a challenge due to pandemic

Now due to corona COVID-19,a new health issue is added fuel to the fire named  Maskne.
When people are advised to use face mask and sanitizer and gloves and all preventive measures, now face mask is creating a problem called Mask-ne. With prolonged use of face mask from Corona prevention, people are now getting achne and pimples on their face. As this is like achne there fore it is called as snynom Mask-ne.
Major problem is faced by the health workers, doctors, nurses and people involved in the delivery processes.

This new problem is raising a steep ahead now observed by  skin specialists. Dermatologists have suggested many prevention regarding its cure. 

  How Mask-ne develops?

According to the dermatologists this new problem arise due to prolonged wearing of mask, which rubs with the skin and a red  achne or pimple starts developing slowly known as mask-ne. The area which is covered under the mask get it infected, which gives a path for this new bee. 

The major difference between the achne and Mask-ne is due to hormonal disturbance the achne begins while mask-ne is due to the long hours of area rubbed and covered under the elastic of mask on face. 

Though now sanitized masks of soft mask could be used for remedial and also as a preventive measure to get rid of it. 

For more latest updates related to health and corona awareness is coming in next updated blogs. 

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