You Pay the Price of Huge Success...

In life what do you think how much successful you are? 
Are you ignored or praised by your friends?
Are the relatives are loving you or giving you a respect ?
Are you happy with your health till now or dependent on bags full of pills?
Is your wife supportive or she have created a hell in your life?
Are there Pains in your life ?
Are there Gains in your life?
Are you having size of gains more than pains ?
Lastly ,
Are your life having Pains than gains????

Different people different perspective ? 
Isn't it ...

Today i would like to you all to send me the your replies by choosing the options below on image ....

Thanks for taking your valuable piece of time for yourself to reading and replying.

Do comment and share as much as you can.   

Regards, and love,
Your friend,


braveminds007 said…
Your replies add value to life of me and all my worthy readers. ✌💐💐💐💐💐

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