Business vs Job

If you ask anyone what is your *Dream*?

Then chances are there that he will say I want to do job in so and so domain or areas of his expertise or passion ...
But if he would given a situationsuch that
What if he do his own work !!!

Then definitely he will answer in a tone of 95% people lie in that category...
Then he would be very much afraid of becoming an entrepreneur just because of a word
*Risk* which would lead to series of "Failure", while attaining that word , from the point where I started with "DREAM"

Only 5% people out of 💯% begin their mevrick journey but only 1% make it into reality !!!!

A very famous quote of learned and seasoned author Khalil Gibran once said
" In life or love
Either we grow
Or we Decay"
In reality what he meant was if you are not growing( learning, improving or say doing apart from day to day routine) in life
Then definitely you are now decaying and stucked in life.

So friends start from today your cup of tea whether it's a passion of dancing, singing, swimming, trekking, judo, learning bike riding, world tour, helping people to uplift their life or starting your own business.

So friends if you like the content do please comment because I mean alot your replies and do also share in your valuable groups of what's app or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter ..
God bless you always ...

Make a world a better place to live in .

Shashi Bahadur ✊✌✌ ✌💐


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