Techniques To Generate High Energy

Here are Four simple techniques to start with generate High Energy of Leaders:

1. Energizer games for blood circulation-

 Here is a simple scientific principle when we don't move, a lot our blood circulation slows down, which reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to our brain, which basically means less energy for the brain. So if you want more energy, you need more oxygen and blood , flowing to your brain for which you need to move your body and enhance your blood circulation.
 Do you remember how in our schools all our favorite teachers were always the ones who played with us while teaching and made it a fun? 

Well the teachers knew that the easiest way to energize the students while teaching the toughest subject, was to make them play energizing games so that they could have better blood circulation. These simple games called energizers games, are supposed to last only for two minutes but they are fun, make you laugh and happy and most vital it help you re-energize yourself.

Thus many organizations adopted this as a practice lead their employees productivity have sky rocketed. 

Here are some simple and effective energizers games:
  • Read some inspirational quotes of face book or whatsapp.
  • Make someone happy by doing something nice for them.
  • Try laughing for continuous five minutes.
  • Appreciate someone for the good work they have done during the day.
  • Listen to some peppy music and dance for two or three minutes.
  • Watch some inspirational videos which is now in fashion these days.
  • Think about and share your happiest experiences.
  • If you are in office, ask your buddy or neighbour to give you a back massage for two minutes.
  • Exercise for two minutes.
  • Play cricket with a notepad and a napkin ball.(Remember you did this in the schools?)

Note : Be creative and come up with your own energizers which are appropriate to your environment. Most people underestimate the power of simplicity and because of this, might not use energizer games. But I tell you from my personal experiences that I got a lot energy by playing such games.

2. Love what you do Or do what you love:  

  Now this second technique is one that all, and I mean all the leaders in the world use, but this technique is misunderstood generally. So when I say 'love what you do', people think they need to find their dream job before they love doing what they do.  On contrary, this technique is about loving whatever you do - without judging it or demeaning it. 
Changing job will never change who you are, but who you are will definitely change your job experience.So love what you do today and side by side make a ways for your future. 
Gandhiji was a great leader and yet he never felt ashamed to clean his toilet. He gave a message that whatever you do, must do it with love. Just spend a day without any complaints , imagine how amazing your day would be!
If  you do same work without loving it, you lose energy and even feel drained. So write down all the areas in which you think you are working without love and then choose to do them with love. 
Do it like you are an artist, do it like you are in love with it, do it like it is your passion and do it like it is your greatest opportunity to make a difference!
I promise you, if you do this for one day, you will have such abundance of energy, that you will finish much more work than you have on any other day. And the best part would be that at the end of the day you will not be tired, but full of energy.

Make two columns of :
Firstly: Things I do daily, but not with love.////
Secondly: How I now choose to do these with love.

3.  Change what you can and accept what you can't:

     Leaders are masters at using this techniques and so are able to remain energized even during the most stressful situations, both at work and at home. Leaders understand that there are things and people in life who can be changed, and then there are things and people who cannot be changed. They are smart and know how to work with things and people that can change. They also quickly accept things and people who cannot change; in this way they never waste their energy. 
Have you ever imagined how the heads of nations handle the amount of stress that they have to deal with? They are able to deal with it because they are quick to accept things and people who cannot change and re-focus all their energies only on things and people who can change.
That's how extraordinary leaders maintain their high energy levels they invest it in the right places. 

4.  Sleep Well:

 All computers need to be switched off regularly to help them at their work optimum level. Similarly our human minds need to shut down regularly , to help them work optimum potential. All ordinary people take sleep for granted, while leaders use sleep to re-energize themselves completely.
Many people do get up in the mornings low on energy and sluggish due to lack of sleep well habit. This affects the entire day negatively and make it difficult to deal with the kind of pressures we are facing in the 21st century. 
Here is a scientific information to understand the importance of sleep. We all have a conscious and a subconcsious mind. While the subconcsious mind had unlimited potential to store information, the concsious mind has very limited capacity.
When we work during the day, we use up all the capacity of the concsious mind and consume all our energy, due to which we naturally feel tired in the evenings. At night whtb you sleep and if you sleep well, all the information in your concsious mind gets downloaded to your subconcsious mind, hence subconcsious mind keep it stored.
If you sleep long enough and deep enough, you allow this download process to complete, due to which the concsious mind is ready to be used with its full capacity again the next morning, making you feel fresh and energized.

In the long run, this will result in health issues like headaches, blood pressure, heart problems and like which further damage your immune system. I don't mean to scare you but only share the truth.

Here are some simple steps to sleep well at night:
  • Sleep fresh to get up fresh.
  • Forgiveness and gratitude: Sleep straight on your back, take a few deep breaths and say these statements to yourself: 'I am sleeping peacefully forgiving anything wrong that happened today and feeling grateful for everything good that happened today. I will be completely fresh and awake, ready to start my day with lots of energy'. These simple steps will help you sleep really well and help you awake up with a lot of energy.

  So friends you must be happy and be full of joy in life. 
 So I pray for all of you to be in resourceful state i.e. Leadership high energy techniques  shared with in order to get progress in your life. 

Thanks for Patience Reading,
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God Bless You   Good Souls !!!!!!!


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